Railway Coach Fabrication

The use of composite materials has become an increasingly important factor in engineering design. They meet stringent requirement such as satisfactory performance even at high temperature, pressure, corrosive environment or high stress. There have been concerted efforts for ushering the usage of composites in various applications by Indian Railways.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer constituents have been tested to meet the challenge. Fibro Plastichem (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been bestowed with the confidence of Indian Railways to manufacture FRP Windows and Panels for FAC, 2 AC, 3AC ,Pantry Car, EMU Coaches, LSLRD Coaches, Chair Car for AC and Non AC both, Composite Berth, Modular Toilets for AC and Non- AC Coach, AC Trough, FRP Partition Wall etc.

Railway Modudar Toilet

Railway Modudar Toilet

Outer Door Window

4 feet type body side

Injury Free Window

Lavatory Window

SCZ Ceiling Panel

Bus type window


LHB Emergency Openable Window

FAC sidewall Panel and Ceiling Panel

Railway Panels