Mission, Vision & Values

FPC is determined to build a facility with increased productivity, and thus more efficient use of materials, so as to provide our knowledge and expertise of providing solution for efficient storing and delivery of chemical to the process line in the world of Composites to a wider audience.

We have already introduced our products on a wide range for industries worldwide, but we aspire to cross more international boundaries, and our presence at West Bengal and Gujarat, with the facility of major ports of the country has enhanced the scope for the same.


Fibro Plastichem has the vision to build a fully automized plant which can further enhance its capability to provide our products to reach every corner of the World. We at every step are determined to include new product lines for increasing our Product Basket. As the World is progressing its way away from the non renewable energy sources towards the new age fuel, FPC is committed to play our part by taking the responsibility to Design and Build appropriate Solutions.


The Management of the company rates ethics and value as top priority during manufacturing process. Quality Assurance is never compromised. Also, on-time delivery of the products is vow of the company. Satisfying clients ultimately is the topmost priority of the company.