FRP Pressure Vessel

Fibro Plastichem, manufacturer of FRP Pressure Vessel. For living up to the promise of delivering the latest industry ready equipments that you will possibly need, we are also one of the leading choices in FRP Pressure Vessel Manufacturer of India. We use the best quality Fibre Reinforced Polymer material to make an end product that entails smooth functioning. This chemical plant equipment is quite in demand in the competitive industry today. Make Fibro Plastichem (India) Pvt. Ltd your ultimate choice for all kinds of FRP industry equipments. These Pressure Vessels are hydraulically Efficient & Corrosion Resistant.

FRP Pressure Vessels are designed as a replacement to conventional water storage tanks which are to provide better facility of Water Storage and Filtration as composites provide Corrosion Resistance and Higher Service Life.

Product Features :

  • Capacity up to 2500 Gallo
  • Outstanding performance
  • Long Durability
  • Can with stand harsh chemical environment
  • Absolute Corrosion resistant
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Factory- backed five-year warranty

Operating Parameters :

  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 150 psi
  • Operating temperature 35 to 70 degree Celsius
  • Vacuum - Maximum 127 MMHG

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