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SMC / DMC Composites

Fibroplastichem manufactures SMC/DMC Chemicals as commodity. Fibroplastichem manufactures chemical components like DMC (Dough Moulding Compound) and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) those are used in moulding of components, Polyester and Epoxy laminates.The moulding compounds are manufactured to meet application and customer specifications and grades available include Compression, Injection, transfer moulding etc. Markets serviced with these chemical components are the Electrical Switchgear industry, Automotive, Railways.

Application of SMC/DMC
  • Automobile Industry - Bumpers, Interior, Ceiling, Reflectors for Head Lamps and Tail Lamps, Speakers, Injection moulded motor material, Plastic Packaging motor material
  • Electrical Lighting industry - Connectors, Switchgear, Separators, Lamp stand, surgical lights, electrical box and cabinets
  • Commodity - Electric Iron Shell, BMC Dishes, Bathroom interiors