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Products at a glance

FRP / GRP Poles

Division Pole at
Bhubaneswar Agricultural University

Pole Installed at Digha Beach

Division Pole at Najrul Tirtho

FRP Pipes

FRP 1400 mm ID pipe sewage system

FRP Pipes

FRP Pressure Vessel

Tecton Vessel

Degasser Tower

FRP / GRP Chemical Tank

Sectional Tanks

Chemical Tanks, Process Tanks, Scrubbers,
Absorbers, Ducting, Chlorine Drying Tower, Stacks

Over ground & Underground Tanks

Water & HCL Truck Mounted Tankers

FRP / GRP Equipments

FRP Ventury

FRP Impeller

FRP Scrubber

Railway Coach Fabrication Items

FRP Body of sophisticated Tram Car in Kolkata

Rail compartment Door and Window

SMC / DMC Composites