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Received 1st Prize in MSME categories by BCC&I Kolkata
On 18th February this year we were awarded first prize in MSME categories by Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry for industrial innovation, following best industrial practices & committed quality product for the year 2016. The Certificate for excellence, trophy & medal was handed over by central minister Mr. Giriraj Singh. Here are some pictures :

  • Largest dome in FRP for Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited - Kerala News print project (15. M diameter X 3.5 M height) in the year 1979.
  • FRP submarine cell boxes for Indian Navy through Exide industries Ltd. R & D Division, as an import substitute product first time in India.
  • Different sizes & types of Tanks & Equipments for synthetic Ferric Oxide Projects of ACC Ltd Falta plant, eg. 8 nos. of 3.60 M.dia X 12.95 M straight height flat bottomed, dished top tanks.
  • Various FRP/PVC/FRP,PP/FRP Scrubbers, Absorption Towers etc. for our overseas client Thai Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd. Thailand.

  • FRP super structures (Wheel house, Cabin, Modular toilet) for survey vessels of IWAI.
  • FRP super structures, Engine hood & modular toilets for RO-RO Vessels and Pilot Vessels for Corporated Shipyard Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata
  • Vessel for lime stone filter tank-3200 mm dia X 87000 mm height for Tecton Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vessel for Vacuum tank 3000 mm dia X 8700mm height for Tecton Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • GRP street light pole 9 mtr. For Haldia Development Authority.
  • Under ground storage tank for Assembly of God church school .
  • Panel tank for Grasim Industries Ltd. (size: 5600 mm dia X 2400 mm ht. & 5600 mm dia X 3400 mm ht.)

GRP Brine Tanks Orient Paper (HJI)